1. Consultancy & Service


Higher education consultation*

  • Do you want to purse a degree? What do you want to major in? Which career you want ┬áto be involved in? What is the future of your chosen field?

Research project consultation**

  • Do you need to carry out a research for your organization or for yourself? Do you need to prepare a proposal? Do you need help to formulate the instruments for your research? Do you need help in data analysis and data interpretation?

Seminar/conference coordination**

  • Do you need help to organize seminars/conferences/road show? Do you need press coverage helps?

Lectures (academic and social)*

  • Are you looking for experts and academics to deliver talks/lectures to your organizations? Do you need experts to conduct workshops for your organization?

Postgraduate proposal consultation*

  • Are you interested to further your study? Are you looking for fellowships? Studies grants? Do you need helps in preparing your proposal?

Proofreading and editing

  • Do you need help in proofreading your writings, essays, articles, dissertations?

Proposal writing*

  • Do you need help in writing up proposals for your postgraduate studies?